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We are a professional Wedding, Function, festival and Party band covering a very wide area. We gig mostly throughout the south west, Somerset , Devon, Dorset , Gloucester, Cornwall, Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Exeter, through to South Wales, and Wiltshire. We have also gigged in the midlands, London and the South at various events. We'll let our customers tell you about us:

"If you are looking for a professional band, a varied repertoire, excellent vocals and musicians and of course loads a fun, AREA 52 is for you!"

"Area 52 turned a great event into a superb one last Saturday night. They kept the marquee of 300 people buzzing from the first number to the last. The dance floor wasn't just packed, it was overflowing, with people dancing between the tables for lack of space.
This 10-piece line-up is a thoroughly professional outfit, producing the kind of irresistible sound that only a big band can make. The rhythm/bass section are rock solid throughout, the brass section produces a wall of sound which hits you right in the diaphragm - so great (and rare) to hear massed horns like this, not to mention excellent lead guitar and keyboards.
"Excellent! Book 'em - you can't go wrong!"

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